I’m Michaela, a sexologist with a passion for empowering people through knowledge. I’m a registered psychotherapist, sexuality educator, and parenting coach. And I’m a parent of three young adults.

I’ve been supporting people in sexuality related education and therapy for over a decade. Many people never got good ‘sex ed’ at school or home, for lots of reasons. And they often pay the price in lower quality relationships (with their own self and with others), poor boundaries, low self-esteem, greater vulnerability to abuse or exploitation, and poor mental health. Many parents and professionals I meet are not sure how to help the people they care for in this regard.

And many people with neurodifference or intellectual disability have fallen through the cracks completely, missing any sexuality education that leaves them really vulnerable.

Through therapeutic-based education, I help people fill the gaps in knowledge and confidence, for greater empowerment and richer lives.  From protective behaviours education to online safety, puberty to menopause, pleasurable sex and parenting, it’s life long learning everyone needs.

Global research shows the enormous benefits of teaching Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE), to people of all ages and abilities, across the lifespan.  

So drop me a line and let’s get talking!

Michaela 🙂

  • Clinical Supervisor, Registered with the College of Supervisors, ACA
  • Master of Counselling, Grad. Dip. Forensic Sexology, BA (Hons) Communication
  • Trained in multi-therapeutic modalities, including ACT, IFS, DBT, Solutions-Focussed, Narrative, Creative therapies
  • Humanistic, trauma-informed, person-centred, rights-based practitioner
  • Cert.IV Training and Assessment, extensive experience running trainings and workshops
  • Parenting coach: BUGK (Bringing Up Great Kids, Australian Childhood Foundation), and Emotion Coaching (Gottman Institute)

Registered with:

Australian Counselling Association
College of Clinical Supervisors
Australian Register of Counsellors and Psychotherapists
Society of Australian Sexologists
World Association for Sexual Health
Australian Association for Adolescent Health
Mental Health Professionals Network
Psychology Today

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